• Victor Repetsky

    Technology Partner

    Victor started collaborating with Theriac in 2016 bringing his vast software development knowledge. He is an expert in Agile and SCRUM methodologies.

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  • Jordan Duwa

    Technical Sales Consultant

    Jordan joined Theriac in 2016 bringing his vast technical knowledge. He is an expert in mechatronics engineering and robotic development.

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  • Thierry Thielens

    Managing Partner

    The founder of Theriac, Thierry has been the captain of this ship from the start. His passion lies in business optimisation. "Life is short, be effective."

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Thierry is someone that everyone should want in their team.
He is very smart and a fast learner too. He has strong financial knowledge, is personable, a strong negotiator, has robust ethics & a sound moral compass. He does what he says is going to do. He also has an impressive ability to simplify complex situations and he thrives on change management. He also listens to advice and adopts news ways of thinking.

Chris Palengat
Founder and Managing Partner, Freemavens

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