Company History

Theriac was born out of our passion for business improvement.

We are committed to helping start-ups and SMEs

  • Identify their business model’s key drivers
  • Define mid and long term business strategies
  • Gain and maintain control over their cash flow requirements
  • Optimise their operational and financial processes
  • Develop comprehensive metrics to improve return on capital employed
  • Focus on continuous improvements

We believe that no matter the business model, no matter the challenge; there is a way to consistently deliver great results.

  • 2008

    Start with a small service

    This was the time when Thierry started the company. He had no idea how far he would go, he wasn't even sure if Theriac would be able to survive. What drove him to start Theriac was a desire to redefine operational best practice in retail pharmacy.

  • 2012

    Learning curve

    Theriac came to a turning point. Thierry realised his expertise shouldn't be restricted to retail pharmacy. Sound operational practice are needed across all industries and pragmatism is a key requirement of success. Thierry paused Theriac and expanded his network into the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

  • 2013

    A focus on performance improvements

    By this time, Thierry had built a network of experts around him. He focused on performance improvements and turnaround because he knew it was where his passion was. He turned his first employer round within twelve months, restored profitability and implemented full operational controls.

  • 2016

    Theriac Consulting

    Our journey has only brought us higher. Theriac is born again. With connections to some of the most forward-thinking experts in Data Science, Finance, Operations and Marketing in London, we are dedicated to making businesses smarter and leaner.

How can we help you?

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Thierry is someone that everyone should want in their team.
He is very smart and a fast learner too. He has strong financial knowledge, is personable, a strong negotiator, has robust ethics & a sound moral compass. He does what he says is going to do. He also has an impressive ability to simplify complex situations and he thrives on change management. He also listens to advice and adopts news ways of thinking.

Chris Palengat
Founder and Managing Partner, Freemavens

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