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Thierry is someone that everyone should want in their team.
He is very smart and a fast learner too. He has strong financial knowledge, is personable, a strong negotiator, has robust ethics & a sound moral compass. He does what he says is going to do. He also has an impressive ability to simplify complex situations and he thrives on change management. He also listens to advice and adopts news ways of thinking.

Chris Palengat
Founder and Managing Partner, Freemavens

I met Thierry during my year in Oxford . Over the course of the year I grew to appreciate his ability to bring together teams and unite people behind his vision. He was an active contributor to the school, convincing others to share their own knowledge and technical skills.

He really impressed me with his ability to rapidly acquire news skills through hard work and dedication.

In the years that have followed I have kept in contact with Thierry as I value his insight and I do call on him to discuss business challenges in a range of industries. I would be very happy to have Thierry take a senior role in any company I was involved with.

Luke Henning
Chief Financial Officer, Tyton BioEnergy Systems

Small businesses account for 99.3% of all private sector businesses. They employ 15.6 million people or 60% of all private sector employment in the UK. The combined annual turnover of SMEs is around £1.8 trillion or 47% of all private sector turnover in the UK.

In a fast-paced and volatile economic climate, small businesses are the first to suffer. Therefore, business owners are acutely aware of the need for running a tight ship. Unfortunately, there are few resources available to prepare them for the various challenges facing them.

The good news is that we understand your predicament. We have the grit necessary to assist you in dealing with those challenges. Moreover we have expert consultants with the knowledge you need to build your business profitability.

Range of services

Change consulting
Process design
& implementation
HR & Recruitment

Strategic & tactical planning

Our consultants may help you to:

  • Gain access to lending
  • Reduce your operating and financing costs
  • Boost your unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Find the right talent
  • Transition from start up to SME
  • Access international markets
  • Comply with industry regulations

Capital restructure

  • Cost of sales
  • Operating expense
  • Financing cost

You can transform your business to achieve sustainable profitability. We help you sleep better at night knowing your business is a performing asset.

Strategic performance improvement

  • Revenue
  • Costs

Prepare your business for growth

We audit your business from a financial and operational point of view. Using a thorough due diligence process and robust metrics, we define at which stage of its life cycle your business really is. This phase of our methodology helps you understand where you are and why. Moreover it is critical in order to understand what the next stage is and why it is right for your venture.

Based on the audit’s finding, we prepare your company’s target operating model. This comes in the form of a strategic document highlighting:

  • the areas of improvement
  • a strategic plan to get to the desired end state
  • a time frame over which changes need to be delivered
  • a set of performance targets or KPIs to track variance to the plan

Theriac is a hands on consultancy. We don’t just deliver blue prints and then leave you to your own device. Our consultants will come on board and implement the changes with you. We want to be your growth partners. There is no greater joy for us then sitting in your board room after several months of hard work and congratulating you on your outstanding quarterly results.

Are you ready to innovate in your industry?